The #workhomechallenge is a product from wanting to help the world with the Corona pandemic.

The way you can help the world at these times are just not trying to infect others. To not put a harder strain on the hospitals around the world. This is not a thing we should fight as standalone countries. This is a global matter.

If you have the choice to work from home upload a photo of your workplace. This is a way to have a little fun and also help reminding people about the Corona virus and its effects.

There are even more layers of fun in this challenge as your colleagues are of course interested in how your workplace are looking. The matter of cleaning should also be fixed with this challenge 🙂

The little good deed that you do in this challenge could save another life, Johan ”Moderjohan” Mårtensson.

So do a little great deed. Spread the challenge #workhomechallenge and lets fight corona with all we got together as one.

#corona #fightcorona

How do it look at my own place?



Founder of the challenge is Johan ”Moderjohan” Mårtensson from Sweden, Gothenburg. He is running a Swedish business podcast Aktörspodden and just wanting to help the world #fightcorona.

Join in and do a good little deed.